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Written by Ed Tech Teacher   
Wednesday, 08 October 2008 21:28

Teacher vs. Technology

The  New Class(room) war: Teacher vs. Technology presents an interesting perspective about how teachers are battling technology for the attention of the students.  Professor Bugeja, director of the journalism school at Iowa State University, summed the article up by saying that baby boomers utilize technology as information and communication while their offspring and the emerging generation see the same devices as entertainment and for socializing.  Students are more attuned to text messaging, instant messenger, Facebook, eBay, YouTube, and other websites alike during class time than they are to listening to their professor or teacher.  

Schools and colleges have been supplying students with computer labs and creating wireless networks to enhance learning, but instead have created distractions.  Professor Bugeja stated that teachers are not in the classroom to entertain, but they are there to stimulate the life of the mind of every student.  Some schools have a computer program called SynchronEyes which allows a classroom teacher to monitor every student’s computer activity and freeze it at a click.  Nancy Knowlton the company’s chief executive officer said that students are trying to crack the program’s code, which is keeping the company on their toes.

In the classroom there are many distractions.  The technology of cell phones, Ipods and computers are three of the distractions that teachers can monitor.  Almost every student in a school has a cell phone.  The students should not be allowed to take it out of their pocket or bag while they are on school premises.   If they do, there should be consequences.  At the school where I work, if a student has a cell phone out then it is confiscated from them and brought to the main office.  There the cell phone is put into an evidence bag and logged into a book, indicating the students name, date and class it was confiscated in.  The student can retrieve their cell phone back the Friday of that week but not without the log book being signed by their parent or guardian.  Also, Ipods are not allowing out on school premises, they are also confiscated by a teacher if seen.  It is also taken to the office to be logged in but instead of retrieving it on that next Friday; the student can only get it back with a parent or guardian the Friday before Christmas break or the last day of school.  Due to these policies that are followed throughout the school, the students know it is not a joke and follow these strict rules.  Although new technology is being created at a fast rate, teachers are always creating new ways to avoid student distractions, so far the teachers are handling it the best they can.       

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